24 April 2020

5 third-world struggles that people from developed countries take for granted

It’s not until you no longer have something, that you start to miss it, but that’s a luxury…


22 April 2020

Shaz Memon vows to change lives for 1 million...
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20 April 2020

Times of India: Wheels of Change: making carr...
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14 February 2020

Partnership with British Rock Band ALEXIS KIN...
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23 June 2019

First wheel delivery to a little village call...
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21 November 2019

Second batch of wheels have now arrived
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Lives Changed Forever

Meet Karuna

Meet Khushali

Meet Vanita

Meet Damini

Meet Yogita

Meet Yashada

Meet Jijabai

Meet Devika

Meet Renuka

Meet Durga

Meet Manoj, Teacher

Alexis Kings, Ambassadors

Water wheel deliveries

Manhere Village

Ghotvihir Village

Chamdev Wadi

Kaulponda Village

Pangan Village

Amdongara Village

Pangarbari Village

Vadpada Village

Bandrechi Wadi

Bitaka Village

Gairan Vasti

Hedpada Village

Hanmantpada Village

Govindpur Village

Sangamner Village

Shirsate Village

Thangaon Village

Dhaur Village